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<input[^>]*?value[/s]*=[/s]*(['|"])(.*?)\1[^>]*?type[/s]*=[/s]*(['|"]?)text\3[^>]*?> A pair of reg ex's to capture the value from an <input type=text> - depending on whether the type or value is listed first in the tag. For some reason, when I combine them as a []|[] form regex, they don't work at all any more. The font on this site doesn't show the difference, but the last matching expression has a " character, the last non-matching one has two ' characters. The last non-matching exp matches (with the typo in value fixed), but doesn't return the value correctly, any help with that would be appreciated. (this is my first commercially-used regex... I'm new to this still)
<input type=text value="qwerty"> | <input type="text" value='qwerty' &g
<input type=text value=qwerty> | <input type=button value="ClickMe"> | <inp
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