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Title Test Details (First Last) Full Name in Input
I have come to this site several times through the years and could not ever find an expression that worked for what I wanted. So finally today I reached a point that I created what I needed. The expression is for name validation. The validation allows for the first letter of the first part of the name to be upper case and at least one upper case in the second part of the name. The second part of the name still allows for a lower case letter to start it off. If you add a way to get rid of the lower case letter on the second part of the name, that would be great. Got tired of playing with it.
First Name | Fi | Fi Na | Fi Name | First nName |
First NAME | FIRST NAME | FiRsT NaMe | first name | Fi N | First Name Name
Author Rating: Not yet rated. Ty Whalin
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