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This should be the pattern described in the documentation for the .NET TimeSpan.Parse method - generally parses time spans. From the .NET docs: public static TimeSpan Parse(string s); The s parameter contains a specification of the form: [ws][-][d.]hh:mm:ss[.ff][ws] Items in square brackets ([ and ]) are optional, colons and periods (: and .) are literal characters, and other items are as follows. Item Description ws optional white space "-" optional minus sign indicating a negative time "d" optional days "hh" hours, ranging from 0 to 23 "mm" minutes, ranging from 0 to 59 "ss" seconds, ranging from 0 to 59 "ff" optional fractional seconds, from 1 to 7 decimal digits
10:12:34 | 932323.9:00:32.3420
Author Rating: Not yet rated. Philipp Schumann
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