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Based on a regular expression from Michael Ash, this captures US street addresses and mailing addresses, single or multi-line (multi-line is more reliable), and breaks them into discrete parts for address line 1 and 2, city, state, and postal code. This expression is not perfect - with the interpreter I am using, some addresses refuse to match correctly. It should however work for most addresses, particularly when lines are delimited with carriage returns, tabs, or some other whitespace line delimiter that is not a space (\x20). Note: For improved compatibility, this expression does not use named groups. **Output** \1 = Address 1, \2 = Address 2, \3 = City, \4 = State, \5 = Postal Code
P.O. Box 42 Huslia, AK 99746 | C/O John Paul, POBox 456, Motown, CA 96090
4321 East 40th Apt #3 Anchorage AK 99504 | Stockton, CA 95215
Author Rating: Not yet rated. Ross Hammer
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