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Tests Vehicle Identification Numbers (VINs). This works for a Mitsubishi cars in the UK - but I have been unable to determine whether the format is for UK vehicles or applies only to this make. The requirements are that the first 9 characters and the 11th character are alpha-numeric excluding i, I, o or O. The 10th character is the chassis year, and is alpha-numeric excluding i, I, o, O, q, Q, u, and U. The final 6 characters are numeric. The string is 17 characters in length. Any refinements would be greatly appreciated!
abcDEFghp3t123456 | A1C3E5G6Y98123456 | A1C3E5G6FFF123456
AIC3E5G6FFF123456 | A8C3E5G6FQF123456 | A8C3E5G6F9F12345H
Author Rating: Not yet rated. Edward Collier
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