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Title Test Find Floating Number With Exponent
DESCRIPTION Parses a floating number with an optional exponent from an input string. Please remove all spaces from the input string before using this regex pattern. MATCHING EXAMPLES The following symbols are used: '[]' means an optional parameter; '|' means OR; '+' means the positive sign; '-' means the negative sign; '#' means one or more numbers (0...9); '.' is the decimal seperator; 'E|e' are the valid exponent symbols; '...' is the range of values for the exponent.
[+|-][.][E|e[+|-][0...299]] -OR- [+|-]#[.[#]]|[#].#E|e[+|-]300...∞ -OR- any string with more than one sign on mantissa or on exponent -OR- any string with non-leading signs on mantissa or exponent -OR- any string with more than one decimal seperator on mantissa | any string with one or more decimal seperators on exponent
Author Rating: Not yet rated. Fischer, M.
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