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Following expression can be used to validate a datetime column from SQL Server. This expression is an enhanced version of Scott Watermasysk's date/time submission. It now accepts leading zeros in months, days, and hours. In addition, this expression properly handles the 11th hour. Watermasysk's would take the 10th and 12th hour but not the 11th. This regex has been tweaked to do so. Does not handle the February 29th problem on non-leap years yet. Will learn a little more about RegEx and do so in later submission.
11/30/2003 10:12:24 am | 2/29/2003 08:14:56 pm | 5/22/2003
11/31/2003 10:12:24 am | 2/30/2003 08:14:56 pm | 5/22/2003 14:15
Author Rating: The rating for this expression. David Darling
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