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This expression is an attempt to match the most obvious features of a valid date in American/US format of the form mm/dd/yyyy for any year 1900 through 2003. It can easily be adapted for different date ranges. It matches any date where the day part is any number 01-31, the month part is any number 01-12, and the year part is any number 1900-2003. The only invalid dates that it matches are ones where the day part may be in the range 01-31 but that range might not be valid for the specified month. An example of an invalid date that it would allow to pass through would be 11/31/2002. This date is invalid because 11/31 of any year does not exist, but this expression would allow it pass through since the day part is in the range 01-31. This regular expression has been used successfully in ASP with VBScript using the windows scripting library RegExp object.
12/31/2003 | 01/01/1900 | 11/31/2002
1/1/2002 | 01/01/02 | 01/01/2004
Author Rating: Not yet rated. Josh Bailyr
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