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This expression separates a Visual Basic (VB) source code line into the code part and the comment part (if any, following an apostrophe character not enclosed in quote marks).
a = b ' Comment | a = "xy'z" ' Comment
a = b | rem not supported
Author Rating: Not yet rated. Robert Altman
Source Based on an expression posted on MS newsgroup microsoft.public.dotnet.framework by Mark Hurd, B.Sc.(Ma.) (Hons.)
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Title: One case that does not work
Name: Chris Strolia-Davis
Date: 11/26/2004 3:14:47 PM
Note: Multiline must be on for expression to work. In the following case, the comment and code are interpreted as being on the same line: Sub MySub(optional x as string = "There is no ' comment in this line") ' This is a comment line

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