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Title Test Find Pattern Title
Allows only positive integers that are greater then 0. Easily modified for +/- intergers and allowing zero.
1 | 12 | 124
-1 | a | 1.0
Author Rating: The rating for this expression. William Powell
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Existing User Comments

Title: Integers: a few regex
Name: |ON|
Date: 11/19/2014 10:40:11 AM
If you only want non-zero positive integers without zero-padding: without plus-sign: [1-9][0-9]* with optional plus-sign: \+?[1-9][0-9]* with mandatory plus-sign: \+[1-9][0-9]* If you want to allow all positive integers, incl. zero. without plus-sign: 0|[1-9][0-9]* without plus-sign before zero: 0|\+?[1-9][0-9]* with optional plus-sign: \+?(0|[1-9][0-9]*) with mandatory plus-sign: \+(0|[1-9][0-9]*) If you want to allow all non-zero integers: without plus-sign: -?[1-9][0-9]* with optional plus-sign: [+-]?[1-9][0-9]* with mandatory sign: [+-][1-9][0-9]* If you want to allow all integers including zero (without sign before zero) : without plus-sign: 0|-?[1-9][0-9] with optional sign: 0|[+-]?[1-9][0-9]* with mandatory sign: 0|[+-][1-9][0-9]* If you want to allow zero-padding, here are some possibilities: 0*[1-9][0-9]* [+-]?0*[1-9][0-9]* 0+|[+-]?0*[1-9][0-9]*

Title: Pattern Title
Name: Mike
Date: 6/19/2006 5:30:22 PM
0 is positive right? ^[0-9]+$ is really what you need

Title: thank you
Name: daniele
Date: 5/18/2004 10:33:39 AM
thank you! :-)

Title: Good call...
Name: William Powell
Date: 9/23/2003 8:43:04 PM
You were absolutely correct. Changed to be correct.

Title: error
Name: Jason Galvin
Date: 9/23/2003 8:01:43 PM
Please correct me if I'm wrong, but according to the description this expression should match "89011", but it doesn't, apparently because this positive integer contains the character zero.

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