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Matches a valid &quot;empty&quot; tag (has trailing slash). Note, if you run it against a string such as &lt;img src=&quot;test.gif&quot; alt=&quot;&lt;hr /&gt;&quot;&gt; it will indeed return a match. But, the match is not at character 1 like you'd suspect, but rather it's matching the internal &lt;hr /&gt;. If you look at the source of this tag ( you'll find a whoe suite of regex's for matching html tags. Using them you could feasibly step though a document and avoid this mismatch as the outer tag would match *in totality* and you'd completely skip this inner match.
<img src="test.gif"/>
<img src="test.gif"> | <img src="test.gif"a/>
Author Rating: Not yet rated. Joshua Olson
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