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Title Test Find Pattern Title
Password validator Requires 6-20 characters including at least 1 upper or lower alpha, and 1 digit. It should disallow just about everything else, inluding extended characters.
abc123 | BA99342bob | 1232z123311
abcdef | 123456 | 123'ABC
Author Rating: Not yet rated. Tim Conama
Source Culled together from a few sources on this site
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Existing User Comments

Title: doesnt work in <asp:RegularExpressionValidator
Name: Alps
Date: 8/22/2008 8:03:17 PM
This was looking awesome adn I was excited. I am trying to build a regex that is for a password 6-12 chars, requires at least 1 number anyplace in the string, rest is only alpha (upper or lower) and I thought this was the closest thing but when i used it with asd123 it fails in regex

Title: Regular expression
Name: Assad
Date: 9/26/2005 3:52:03 AM
Hallo Tim, thanks for your Articel. It is very helpfull but I have a qeustion, perhaps you can help me. How can I define a regular expression for a password: The pass word must have at least 1 Meta characters same !+#@%&/()=? and Requires 6-12 characters all together? thanks Assad

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