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Uses backreferences and word boundaries to match repeated words seperated by whitespace without matching a word with the same ending as the next words beginning.
Tell the the preacher | some some | hubba hubba
once an annual report | mandate dated submissions | Hubba hubba
Author Rating: Not yet rated. Sean Carley
Source Update of expression submitted by Steven Smith (recalled from "Mastering Regular Expressions" from O'Reilly)
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Existing User Comments

Title: expression
Name: kiran
Date: 12/15/2004 11:58:53 PM
what is the regular expression pattern for Date(DD/MM/YYYY), IP address, MAC ID, TIME, E-MAIL ID, and a website url.

Title: How about multiple repeats?
Name: Andy
Date: 12/11/2004 5:59:52 AM
Works great, but how do I replace multiple repeats with a single; e.g. in 'This is a a a test'?

Title: TextPad equivalent
Name: Erich Spencer
Date: 12/10/2003 1:57:47 PM
(\<[[:word:]]+)[[:space:]]+\1\> TextPad regex supports POSIX character classes but not Perl Compatible Regular Expression (PCRE) character types. So "\b", "\w", and "\s" must be replaced with their class counterparts. Also, TextPad recognizes a beginning word boundary "\<" and an ending word boundary "\>". NOTE: Make sure to enable "Use POSIX regular expression syntax" in Configure -> Preferences -> Editor to minimize reliance on additional escape characters in your regex.

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