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Matches positive whole numbers with exactly zero or two decimal points if a . is present. Useful for checking currency amounts, such 5 or 5.00 or 5.25.
1 | 1.23 | 1234.45
a1.34 | 1.23a | a
Author Rating: Not yet rated. Andrew van der Stock
Source From Vidottom's comments
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Existing User Comments

Title: Error
Name: Joey
Date: 3/11/2009 3:27:03 PM
it matches 1. ^\d+(?:\.\d{2,2})?$ would be better

Title: Try It (Correct)
Name: Vidottom
Date: 2/3/2004 7:28:07 AM
You can try this expression ^\d+(?:\.\d{0,2})?$

Title: Try It
Name: Vidottom
Date: 2/3/2004 7:24:56 AM
You can try this expression /^\d+(?:\.\d{0,2})?$/

Title: I rated this a "2"
Name: Darren Neimke
Date: 1/22/2004 4:40:27 AM
... I'm sorry, but, unfortunately this pattern needs quite a bit of work - in my opinion :-) Sure, it *will* match stuff like: 1 and 1.23 and even, 9999999999999999999999999999999 Unfortunately it also matches a couple of undesirables. Firstly, it will match 'Nothing'. Because \d* means that you can have zero or more digits and (|d{2}) means nothing or 2 digits so, you can have Nothing and Nothing. Secondly, because you haven't "escaped" the dot "." in the parenthesis, it means "Match any character". This means that your pattern would also match: "5z89".

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