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This Expression checks if the value is an integer, positive, not zero and not a decimal. Very handy for use when people need to fill in whole numbers, like when ordering car parts on a website (you dont want your customers to order -10 tires or 0.7 mirrors..
1 | 00000428123 | 1230000
0 | 00000000 | any text or +, - or any other character
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Existing User Comments

Title: defect for some case
Name: Trupti
Date: 11/15/2010 3:39:49 AM
Hey its not working for input 03500 because you have restricted it bye the logic:::if it starts with 0-9 then can only combine with 1-9. I think below regEx wich is modification of the regEx by Dennis de Jong .Just try it. ^[0-9]*[1-9]+$|^[0-9]+[1-9]+[0]+$|^[1-9]+[0-9]*$

Title: Not works!
Name: anonymous
Date: 6/20/2010 1:57:49 PM
with values 00010, 00020, 00030, ..., 00100, 00200, 00300, ...

Title: Try this one that matches leading and trailing 0s
Name: Skeeter
Date: 4/8/2005 1:15:30 PM
^(?=.*[1-9].*$)\d{0,6}?$ Allows leading and trailing 0s. Must have at least 1 non-0 digit. Change \d{0,6} to alter the match length of the value.

Title: leading and trailing 0s
Name: Julie C
Date: 4/5/2005 1:48:45 PM
Ditto on the previous comment. 000123 matches. 123000 matches. 000123000 does not match. Is this the desired behavior?

Title: 05890 not a valid integer?
Name: jq31
Date: 4/3/2005 10:47:15 AM
It does not validate the number 05890 as a correct integer.

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