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Title Test Find Enitity notation
& (?ni:\# # if a pound sign follow ampsand look for number ((x # if x follow pound sign accept hex value up to 5 digits ([\dA-F]){1,5} ) | # otherwise accept decimal number between 0 - 1048575 (104857[0-5] |10485[0-6]\d |1048[0-4]\d\d |104[0-7]\d{3} |10[0-3]\d{4} |0?\d{1,6}) ) | # no pound sign after ampersand ([A-Za-z\d.]{2,31}) #accept ASCII alphanumeric and period ); #end with semi-colon.
This regex can be used to find general entites in HTML, XML and SGML files. The entity can consist of 1) an ampsand (&) 2) followed by (a) ASCII alphanumerics or period between 2 and 31 characters or (b) a pound sign # (i) followed by an x followed by a unicode value up to 5 hex digits or (ii) followed by a decimal value from 0 to 1048575 3) ending with a semi-colon (;)
&quote; | © | '
& | &#Hello; | &#Xray;
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Existing User Comments

Title: Thank you!
Name: duncan
Date: 7/2/2004 6:38:40 AM
Works fine for me - just what I needed! (Trying to get rid of pesky '&'s from a website, input by users, so that the HTML will pass validation...)

Title: Note
Name: Michael Ash
Date: 3/16/2004 5:26:34 PM
While the unicode and decimal value are in the range of the current W3C values. No checking is done to ensure that a named entity (alphanumerics) maps to a known entity name.

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