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Title Test Find Strip HTML tags with exceptions
This regex will match all HTML tags except 'a' tags or 'img' tags. You can edit the list of exclusions as you see fit. I use this regex to strip all HTML tags from source data except anchor tags and image tags.
<script> </html> <anytag>
<a> <img /> </a>
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Existing User Comments

Title: Use replace
Name: Charles
Date: 1/7/2016 1:58:40 PM
Use replace. This matches any tag that is not in the list, as described. So replace any match with an empty string to remove tags that are not <a> or <img>. But you can add any tagname you wish with or pipe delimiters. e.g. (a|i|b|strong)

Title: Seems to do the opposite
Name: Neil McLeish
Date: 1/4/2012 5:13:45 AM
Hi. I hav etried this and the tags which got stripped from my source were the anchor tags. This regex therefore, seems to do the exact opposite of its decription. Regards, Neil.

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