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This regular expression accepts SEDOL (Stock Exchange Daily Official List number, a code used by the London Stock Exchange to identify foreign stocks). To be more exact - it accepts POTENTIAL SEDOL's, since the last, 7th digit of a sedol is a kind of check-sum digit and this reg-ex doesn’t check’s its correctness. Also, despite following to the formal SEDOL definition - its first character should be a consonant character – there are actual sedol’s with the first character, which is a number (e.g. 0067340 for BAA) and they are accepted by this reg-ex.
0067340 | B01HL06 | 4155586
12345 | 34A56B7 | 456VGHY
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Title: Allows greater than 7 character sedols
Name: Dav
Date: 7/13/2008 8:45:44 PM
this expression incorrectly allows sedols of greater than 7 characters.

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