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gmail customer service
Gmail seems to be amazingly popular as the services it provides is eventually exclusive and unique. Our Gmail account holds enormous information because most of our personal and professional work is done with the exchange of emails. No matter, if you use it for your personal use or for your professional use, Gmail perfectly fulfils almost all the criteria of being an impeccable way of communication. It is easy to handle and could be called user-friendly. It is systematic as all the emails including the junk ones are properly placed in their specific sections. The entire process of exchanging emails is fast, once you send it within a few seconds it would get delivered. It is important to keep a track of your Gmail password so that no unwanted activities take place. If you ever forget your Gmail password, you do have an option to ‘recover Gmail account’. Sometimes we forget our password and of course, we do regret forgetting it. Don’t worry at all, you can simply recover Gmail account password by following few steps. Here, in this blog, we would like to discuss the various steps and ways to recover Gmail account password. If you are facing a similar problem, you can simply contact the experts though you should try to fix it manually at first. Steps to recover Gmail account password At first, you are required to open the official sign-in page of the Gmail You are supposed to enter the required details like email or phone After that, make sure you click on the next button Just after implementing the above steps, you would find an option of ‘Forgot password?’ Make sure you click on it As soon as you click on the forgot password, you would be asked to enter the last password you remember If you remember your password, make sure you enter the last password you had Then, click on the ok button Now, in case you don’t remember your last password, you are supposed to click on the option of ‘Try a different question’ Until you answer a different question, make sure you keep clicking on the different question option Make sure you answer any of the questions which are appropriate for you After that, you are required to click on the next button As soon as you are done with the above steps, you would be redirected to the next page. You would be given a certain option, make sure you choose it wisely Confirm a text to that phone number which is linked to your Gmail account Confirm a message to that e-mail which was associated or linked to your Gmail account Confirm an email to a recovery email account In case, you selected the ‘Gmail forgot password option’ then definitely you are supposed to enter the text message Once you receive a verification code, make sure you enter it and click on the next option Now, you would be directed to a new page where you would be asked to enter a new password Make sure you choose a decent password which could be easily remembered by you and is difficult for others to guess At last, click on the confirm on it These are the steps you are supposed to follow if you want to recover your Gmail password. There are various technical blogs you can read and grab information from. On the other hand, if tackling the entire issue manually is creating problems, definitely seek help from the Gmail Customer service. Once you seek help from the engineers, all your problems could be easily tackled. Next, the time you face any problem that is difficult to handle, make sure you do not forget to consult the experts. Our toll-free number 1-833-290-8999
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