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This expression will return the src (source) property of an image tag <IMG>. The source returned is limited to the file extensions supplied. It doesn't matter if the image is prefixed with '../' or 'http://..blah' or 'drive\path' or nothing. This expression could be modifed to return other sources or for the tags (ie <BGSOUND>, <SCRIPT>, etc.) depending on the file extensions given. I needed this to replace the source of images in a HTML page when I wanted to save the page to a local drive and keep the images intact. If anybody could modify this further to include only the <IMG> tag, I would appreciate the effort.
src="../images/image.jpg" | src="" | src='d:\w
src="../images/image.tif" | src="cid:value"
Author Rating: The rating for this expression. Lloyd Sturge
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