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This will match all tags in a string, it's good for stripping HTML or XML tags to get the plain text.It works with attributes that include javascript or "<>". It will match all these <hr size="3" noshade color="#000000" align="left"> <p style="margin-top:0px;margin-bottom:0px" align="center"><font face="Times New Roman" size="5"><b>UNITED STATES</b></font></p> <input type=button onclick='if(n.value>5)do_this();'> not this <br> <input type=button onclick="n>5?a():b();" value=test> not this <br> <input type=button onclick="n>5?a(\"OK\"):b('Not Ok');" value=test> not this <br> <input type=button onclick='n>5' value=test onmouseover="n<5&&n>8" onmouseout='if(n>5)alert(\'True\');else alert("False")'> not this <br>
<input type=button onclick='n>5' value=test onmouseover="n<5&&n>8" onm
haven't found any exceptions yet
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