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gmail customer service
Imagine a situation, where you do not have any access to email services. Isn’t it a horrible situation to deal with? Yes, it is because in today’s world majority of the work or documentation is done paperless and exchanging of emails plays a vital part. No matter, if it’s official work or an individual one, undeniably exchanging of emails is necessary. Gmail is one of the prominent and well-known email service providers, used by the majority of the people. There are various exclusive and unique features associated with Gmail. Undoubtedly, Gmail is not immune to different problems, and so it is necessary to resolve the problem as soon as possible. Here, in this blog, we would like to discuss a significant problem related to Gmail such as Gmail not receiving some emails. The entire point of using Gmail is to exchange emails without any chaos. If the Gmail is facing severe problem to proceed with its primary work, then, of course, we are supposed to resolve the problem as soon as possible. You can have a look at the problems and try to fix it by following various steps. If you too are facing a similar problem, you are supposed to seek help from various blogs and articles and try to resolve the problem. Reasons behind Gmail not receiving some emails In case, you have tried to send emails on a non-existent email id A major reason could be an unclear mail list Sending of emails on invalid email ids The intervention of too many spam emails Supposedly, if your browser is not clear, do not forget to clear your cookies or cache Too much spam in the message box If you have entered too many recipients cc or bcc list These are the main reasons behind your Gmail not receiving some emails. You are supposed to take care of all the above reasons, and then only you can fix the problem of Gmail not receiving emails. Steps to fix Gmail not receiving emails It is a severe issue, and so it is necessary to seek a permanent and a prominent solution. If you too are facing a similar issue or maybe the same issue, you can simply follow the steps that are given below to resolve the problem entirely. The first step is to configure your Gmail account After that, you are required to proceed with patience and setup with setup email wizard Do not forget to click on the ‘tools’ button (which is in red color) As soon as you are done with this, you are required to select an email account (shown in blue color) Now, from the mail accounts dialog, click add (shown in red color) If your account is already listed, make sure you select or choose your account Before clicking on the option ‘add’ you are required to click on ‘remove’ button Next, you are supposed to choose ‘‘let me configure the settings of Gmail myself’ (that would be marked in the red color) At last, click on the option of ‘next’ which is definitely in blue color In case, you do not find options of configuring your account, make sure you continue to proceed with different steps You must click on the option of Gmail (shown in red color) Make sure you do not forget to click on your username Then, you must click on your password (shown in green color) Click on ‘next’ button At last, make sure you click on sign in (which is in blue color) These are the steps you are supposed to follow if you are unable to receive some emails on Gmail. You can simply fix the problem just by following the steps one by one. The issue is severe and it is beneficial to resolve it as soon as possible. There are various ways to fix it, follow them and solve different types of problems you have been facing. If you are unable to fix the problem, you can simply contact the Gmail Customer service number 1-833-290-8999. The various technicians and experts are present 24*7 to resolve the specific problem. Sometimes, we are not able to do it just by implementing steps; sometimes the expert’s intervention becomes necessary.
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