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Street Address. While far from perfect it validates street addresses reasonably. Created with absolutely no experience using a cool tool downloaded from
2\34 Wodonga Ave | 54a Beechworth Rd | 47/675 WODONGA DRIVE
aaa Beechworth Rd | 65 Beechworth Rd | 65 Beechworth/ Rd
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Existing User Comments

Title: Correction
Name: Mike
Date: 11/24/2006 11:24:03 AM
Pattern should be changed to following to enable addresses like 1234 1st Street. \d{1,3}.?\d{0,3}\s[a-zA-Z0-9]{2,30}\s[a-zA-Z]{2,15}

Title: Numbered streets
Name: Diane Droubay
Date: 1/24/2006 4:52:27 PM
This doesn't work for numbered streets as in: 754 191st Street SW

Title: Agreed, thanks for the simple perfect address validator
Name: John Pequeno
Date: 1/2/2006 1:56:19 PM
The only odd thing I noticed is that as long as you have a valid address to start, you can have an unlimited amount of garbage text afterwards and it will still match. Thanks though, for the code, and the link to Expresso!

Title: Sorry Geoff
Name: Harry Willding
Date: 11/13/2003 9:55:45 PM
I just noticed what you were getting at. It does seem strange that the fllstop is allowed. Once again sorry about the above comment.

Title: ????
Name: Harry Willding
Date: 11/13/2003 9:52:01 PM
Why would 15 Fergusson St be an incorrect match?? That is a valid street address so of course it should match.

Title: Odd Behaviour
Name: Geoff Whittington
Date: 11/13/2003 12:47:17 PM
Using the 'test' function on the site - "15 Fergusson St." incorrectly is a match. Java's String.match function does it correctly by failing on the last '.' Thanks for the RE!

Title: great
Name: Reece Watkins
Date: 11/2/2003 10:43:26 PM
I've been searching for something like this for ages. Thanks Harry

Title: extra whitspace
Name: Harry Willding
Date: 10/29/2003 7:03:58 AM
The middle NON-Match actualy has extra whitespace between the 65 and Beechworth. It displays here with out that being obvious

Title: alrite
Name: Harry Willding
Date: 10/29/2003 7:00:18 AM
not bad for a quicky

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