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^[a-zA-Z]{1,2}[0-9][0-9A-Za-z]{0,1} {0,1}[0-9][A-Za-z]{2}$
Matches UK postcodes according to the following rules 1. LN NLL eg N1 1AA 2. LLN NLL eg SW4 0QL 3. LNN NLL eg M23 4PJ 4. LLNN NLL eg WS14 0JT 5. LLNL NLL eg SW1N 4TB 6. LNL NLL eg W1C 8LQ Thanks to Simon Bell for informing me of LNL NLL rule for postcodes which I had omitted in an earlier version.
G1 1AA | EH10 2QQ | SW1 1ZZ
G111 1AA | X10 WW | DDD 5WW
Author Rating: Not yet rated. Dave Sparks
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Existing User Comments

Title: Good but space match confuses Expresso
Name: Matthew Harris
Date: 4/23/2013 5:01:52 AM
I use Expresso to test and it didnt like the space in the middle of the expression followed by a quantifier check {0,1}. I would convert this to \s to be sure or put it in a range [ ]{0,1}. The final regex that I have settled with is as follows: ^[A-Za-z]{1,2}[0-9][0-9A-Za-z]{0,1}\s{0,1}[0-9][A-Za-z]{2}$

Title: Mr
Name: Bond
Date: 4/13/2007 4:33:12 AM
Great Reg Ex. Are you able to add validation with East London post codes that start with E14P? Thanks.

Title: good
Name: frek
Date: 3/21/2007 11:20:08 AM
thank you

Title: mr
Name: pierre
Date: 9/1/2006 12:07:27 PM
your regular expression rules!

Title: Mr
Name: SkeanDu
Date: 1/22/2004 5:19:38 AM
A more comprehensive expression: 'UK Postcode Public Const rgxZIP_UK = "(?:(?:A[BL]|B[ABDHLNRST]?|" _ & "C[ABFHMORTVW]|D[ADEGHLNTY]|E[CHNX]?|F[KY]|G[LUY]?|" _ & "H[ADGPRSUX]|I[GMPV]|JE|K[ATWY]|L[ADELNSU]?|M[EKL]?|" _ & "N[EGNPRW]?|O[LX]|P[AEHLOR]|R[GHM]|S[AEGKLMNOPRSTWY]?|" _ & "T[ADFNQRSW]|UB|W[ACDFNRSV]?|YO|ZE)" _ & "\d(?:\d|[A-Z])? \d[A-Z]{2})"

Title: Misses a common error
Name: Julian Gall
Date: 9/1/2003 9:33:58 AM
One very common error in UK post codes is to write SO1 1AB (Southampton) as S01 1AB (i.e. S zero, not S Oh). This regex matches both when it should only match the first

Title: s ucikvo
Name: uobuo
Date: 8/9/2003 12:54:13 AM
ici vldi oa i ovs a izbiyiocv io uvilbi aiciovis ivis ivn iw jmxc}}asiovo a inso iom juko o coas oa mmdf i odm uiqoo iozambmd i ciiop kmnm ofoaiodo iodfvis i ko bi i mm s i iow s ui bos wnmvobida i ui o vl a id nnmf fmnmm od ioumdfovmvnmb nfnnmd

Title: Can be more specific
Name: Michael
Date: 6/25/2003 4:59:53 AM
The walk part of a UK postcode (the last two letters) never include the letters C I K M O V. It would also not be too difficult to add specific checking for valid areas (the first two letters) as there are only around 120 of these.

Title: No good for BFPO codes
Name: Egghead
Date: 4/14/2003 6:50:03 PM
You may want to include the standard postcide for the British Forces Patrolling Overseas which takes the format: BFPO ##

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