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Title Test Find Space Delimited Format (SDF) Parser - double quote escape
Intended for single line. JavaScript match() method (or equivalent) creates an array of values each of which is either an unquoted string of non-whitespace chars, or a quoted string which can contain whitespace, escaped quotes (""), escaped escaped chars ("""), or be empty (""). Splits (only) on whitespace. (Does not split on opening or closing quotes.) An unclosed quote matches all until end of input. The Matching Examples are ready for enclosure in single quotes. Output of Matching Example 1: [0]=a [1]=" b b " [2]=c""c [3]="" [4]=""d"" Output of Matching Example 2: [0]=a" a"""a"a" [1]=" b "" b
a " b b " c""c "" ""d"" | a" a"""a"a" " b "" b
only strings with <1 non-whitespace char
Author Rating: Not yet rated. Brian \S\s
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